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A commonly held perception is that pension schemes for staff are only required for companies with a lot of employees and a high turnover. However, by virtue of the law passed in 2012, auto-enrolment into a company pension scheme is mandatory for every business type, be it on a big scale or small. It is obligatory that every employee of the company has the facility to be a member of a pension scheme.

There has been a hefty amount of penalty and fines imposed if the business owner fails to fix up the auto-enrolment scheme for their staff.

Based on the issued rules and regulations, the daily fine charged can range from £50 to £2,500 based on the total number of employees.  Recently, PayCircle estimated that UK businesses could face fines totaling £22 million in auto-enrolment fines.

View this short video from the Pensions Regulator about Auto Enrolment for employers.

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