Tax and VAT Compliance

Tax and VAT Finance Director Yorkshire

Managing the affairs of our evolving tax system requires good planning and sound advice.  A Part Time Finance Director can help you find the best solution for your business, that balances between your future objectives and your current obligations. We can manage all the tax affairs from complicated tax planning to straightforward compliance allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Tax and VAT compliance services mainly include:

Tax and VAT Compliance Humberside
  • Computation of corporate and income tax reminder and liabilities of payment dates
  • Advice on expenditure timing and assessment of capital allowances to lessen available reliefs
  • Preparation of personal and corporate tax returns for compliance to customs and HM revenue.
  • Completion of VAT or any other related taxes
  • Dealing with VAT and PAYE queries
  • Advice on VAT legislation and registration

VAT and Your New Business

You can claim vat on costs incurred before the business started trading:

  • VAT on services received within six months of the effective date of registration (EDR) and used in the business at EDR is recoverable in full
  • VAT on stock is deductible to the extent that the goods are still on hand at EDR (for example, apportionment may be required)
  • VAT on fixed assets purchased within four years of EDR is recoverable in full, providing the assets are still in use by the business at EDR

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