Debt Recovery and Credit Insurance

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Credit insurance and debt collection services are vital aspects of managing the risk that your business may encounter when buyers are late in paying their bills. If your business is new and expanding, you may lack the resources to oversee the provision of such services because the limited work may not justify the expense of hiring one. That is where our part time FD services become ideal because they are offered when needed. Services provided include:

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If your buyers fail to pay their bills, we will offer debt recovery services for both uninsured and insured invoices. The procedure involves the establishment of a legal collection process. The approaches of debt recovery include making calls and sending written demands as well as arranging visits to the buyers at their businesses to enforce recovery procedures.

We can also facilitate credit insurance for your business, which protects your company against the customer’s failure to pay for goods sold or services rendered. Undue payments may arise because of insolvency or inability to pay within the set time frame. The credit insurance services set up through Assured FD will eliminate business uncertainty resulting from delayed payments and foreseeable losses.

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